Gourmet Ranch

Alright peeps! This is one of my favorite game. 
Actually time jmpa diz GR, i was searching other game that is also call gourmet. 

But when i found diz GR, i totally forgot about the Gourmet tingy. 

Once i started, i am invited my bro n he also loves this game. Men game nie HARUS ada ramai neighbor. 
To trade things, to exchanged gift and so on. Then agak lama gak la dh main (dlm 2 bulan) i am started feel bored, bukan pe, xde rmai neighbor. Then, i left this game, back to my normal game SL (sorority life-girly games). 

Lepas tu tgh2 bosan gak, g tgk page GR nie, owhhhshh there kan, lots of people yg suh add diorang sbb nak naik kan level n so on kena ramai neighbor,  HAHAHA i pon pe lgi, "add me pls, need to level up my game". tu lah ayat2 bermulanya detik aku meneruskan perjuangan membesarkan empayar GR ku. 
=) peeps! yang belum g try main game nie, silalah main k! Click here peeps! http://www.facebook.com/gourmetranch

0 juta nak join makan chocolate cadbury!:

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